What do we do to consciously care about the environment and meet the modernt challenges of sustainability?


While creating the menu, we maintain balance between vegetable products and meats. Fighting against food overproduction, we offer specially selected portions to encourage you to order several dishes without fear of wasting food. We also improve our menu by using less products. The wine list is selected according to ecological and biodynamic production. We take care of waste production through individual procedures of receiving deliveries.

Since the establishment of hub.praga, we have been consciously working to minimise the amount of external packaging, polystyrene, cardboard and other disposable products. Our waste management programme involves working with the supplier and receiver at the time of delivery. We move almost all products, especially fish, into our own containers at the time of delivery and return the packaging to the supplier. We do not store or collect any packaging, which also optimises our own work. We also encourage suppliers to compress packaged products and to use bulk or reusable packaging for products that do not require refrigeration. We are pleased that our partners include companies that share the same values.

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Modern air conditioning and ventilation (fresh air management system, heat recovery unit and heat pump), as well as lighting automation allowed us to reduce energy demand by 60%. The restaurant uses energy from renewable sources confirmed by the “Good Energy Company 2022 and 2023” certificate.

Our glass vestibule was made based on existing materials and the use of natural light. This is where the idea mattered. Thanks to this we managed to obtain an air curtain without using any energy.

The water you drink in our restaurant comes from a specially selected filter. It eliminates the need to buy bottled water, reduces the energy for its cooling and helps the disposal of packaging.